More on Paul’s shipwreck on Malta

Gordon Franz has written a critique on his Life and Land blog (here) of the CBN 700 Club’s program about Robert Cornuke’s “amazing Biblical discovery” on Malta. Previously we have called attention to Gordon’s blog and writings, and especially to his series on “Cracked Pot Archaeology” here.

The CBN video includes some nice footage and is, for that reason, worth viewing. If you have interest in this subject, I suggest you go to Life and Land and take a look at the video and read the critique.

Our photo below shows one of the small pleasure harbors around St. Paul’s Harbor on Malta.

St. Paul's Harbor at Malta. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

St. Paul's Harbor at Malta. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

You may read our account of visiting Malta here and here. This is a significant topic because of the account of Paul’s shipwreck in Acts 28.

After we had safely reached shore, we learned that the island was called Malta. (Acts 28:1 NET)

3 responses to “More on Paul’s shipwreck on Malta

  1. familymomentsphotography

    Yes, that’s how I did it. What I mean is that when I link it doesn’t go straight to the article, but it goes to the biblical studies page, this one: so I told people to click on publications, and click on the article about Easter, but I felt compelled to include the article in full in my post (with credits given to you) so people won’t get lost in finding the article and miss out reading it.
    Your website is a great resource, and I thank you also for the compilation of links.
    May the Lord keep blessing you in your ability to spread His Word.

  2. Silvia —
    Thanks for the nice comment. You are welcome to use the article on Easter. I always appreciate credit and a link to the source.
    I am not sure how to include the link in Blogspot, but I can do it in WordPress by leaving the visual window and going to the HTML window.
    Best wishes,

  3. familymomentsphotography

    Hi, brother Ferrell,
    My husband is from Malta, and I loved seeing these photographs you took as well as reading your blog.
    I also included your Easter article in my blog: I wanted to link to it, but I couldn’t link straight to it, so I reproduced it but wrote it was written by you, and included the link to your biblical studies site.
    Thanks for your work.
    We are also currently studying your book The Theme of the Bible, and benefiting from it and the wisdom of the elder who is teaching our class.
    We attend the Cy-Fair congregation, in the Houston TX area.


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