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The February issue of the Bible Places Newsletter has been released. If you do not receive the Newsletter, I suggest you check it now (here). When you reach the bottom of the page you will see a link that allows you to subscribe.

The current issue of the Newsletter features photo from the Early 20th-Century History, the seventh volume in The American Colony and Eric Matson Collection. You will be able to download a PowerPoint presentation featuring these historic photos.

The entire album of more than 400 historic photos is available at the discounted price of $15. The entire 8-volume collection is on sale for $99. This is a great and important collection. Read about it at Life in the Holy Land.

Palestine was under the control of the Turkish Ottoman Empire from 1517 to 1917. The photo below shows General Allenby and the British troops entering Jerusalem through the Jaffa Gate, Dec. 11, 1917.

General Allenby enters Jerusalem through Jaffa Gate - 1917.

General Allenby enters Jerusalem through Jaffa Gate - 1917.

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