Reaching 200,000 hits

Overnight we registered our 200,000th hit on this blog. Our first post was May 2, 2007. Since that time we have covered two trips to Israel, two trips to Turkey, a trip to Greece and the Greek islands, a trip to Egypt, and a trip to Scotland. In addition we have reported on numerous archaeological developments and posted info on many biblical places and customs.

Actually we passed the 200,000 mark more than a week ago. Back in May we reported here on losing 3380 hits on our counter overnight.

Thanks should be extended to several people.

  • Thanks to WordPress for making this wonderful opportunity available at no cost. I would like to encourage everyone who thinks they have something worthwhile to say to get a blog and begin writing.
  • Thanks to our readers. The number has grown consistently in the past two years. We are delighted that you continue to check our blog. It has been fun to watch the increase of the traffic ranking at Alexa.
  • Thanks to everyone who has sent tips about items of interest that you think we should cover. Most of these come from acquaintances by email rather than as comments to the blog.
  • Thanks to Todd Bolen at and for his link to our page. Todd has called attention to this page several times and it has helped to increase the number of our readers.
  • Thanks to my wife for proofing many of the posts. I always appreciate her help.
  • Technological thanks to Nikon, Canon, and Adobe PhotoShop.

I would like to share a photo that is large enough to be of use to those who use visuals in teaching. This is a picture of St. Paul’s Bay on the island of Rhodes. Click on the photo for a larger image. For information about the place check our post for May 17, 2008.

St. Paul's Bay at Lindos, Rhodes. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

St. Paul's Bay at Lindos, Rhodes. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

One response to “Reaching 200,000 hits

  1. That is an amazing photo!

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