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Video about Sodom

Dr. Steven Collins, Dean, College of Archaeology, Trinity Southwest University, has posted a short video on The Search for Sodom and Gomorrah at YouTube here. Collins is excavating Tall el-Hammam in the Jordan Valley (Transjordan) east of Jericho.

Numerous articles by Dr. Collins about the excavation at Tall el-Hammam have been posted at the Biblical Research Bulletin page.

Gary Byers of ABR has a good summary report on the excavation prior to the 2009 season here.

The Summer 2007 issue of Bible and Spade has an exchange between Dr. Collins and Dr. Bryant G. Wood. Wood holds that the location of Sodom should be on the southern end of the Dead Sea. Both articles are lavishly illustrated.

Tall el-Hammam in the Plains of Moab. View toward east. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins 2008.

Tall el-Hammam in Plains of Moab. View toward west. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins 2008.

Other scholars have suggest that Tall el-Hammam is the site of Abel-shittim (Numbers 33:49; Shittim, Numbers 25:1), in the plains of Moab. See Rainey and Notley, The Sacred Bridge, 125. The Israelite spies went out from here to view the land, especially Jericho (Joshua 2:1).

It is now common in Jordan for the old word Tell to be spelled Tall. You know that in Israel the word is Tel. Nothing like consistency.

HT: Dr. David E. Graves at Deus Artefacta.