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Luke Chandler on Israel National Radio

We have had several things to say about Luke Chandler and his participation in the archaeological dig at Khirbet Qeiyafa (the Elah Fortress) a few weeks ago. This is because Luke is a friend and a former student. Luke has been interviewed by Gordon Govier on The Book and the Spade program. That interview emphasized the role of volunteers in archaeology.

Willner & Selevan

Willner & Selevan

Now he has been interviewed for the Judean Eve program on Israel National Radio to discuss the use of blogs in reporting on archaeological work. To hear this interview you must look for the program entitled Tell Me About Digs. Click on Part 2 to listen or download the mp3 file. Follow this link for the interview. Luke’s blog may be found at lukechandler.wordpress.com.

There is another interview on the same program with some guy named Herschel Shanks.

Khirbet Qeiyafa is an important site historically because of the part it plays in the account of the conflict between Israel and the Philistines (David and Goliath). See 1 Samuel 17 for the full story.