Approaching Y20K

When we began this little blog to post photos of our Ancient Crossroads Tour of Biblical and Historical Turkey, we never even thought about reaching 20,000 hits. But, it should happen today. Thanks for making this a site you visit regularly.

There are many things I would like to blog about if I could find the time, but I have basically tried to limit myself to things pertaining to travel in the Bible lands.

As our gift to you for traveling along with us, here is a picture of a woman caring for goats in the Jordan River valley on the east side. This photo was made in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, looking across to Israel. In Roman times (the period of the New Testament) this area was known as Perea. The New Testament never uses the word Perea, but the Greek New Testament has the word peran (translated beyond), in the phrase “beyond the Jordan” (Matthew 19:1; John 1:28; 10:40). Jesus spent a considerable about of time in this region (John 10:40-42; Luke 13:22-35, et al.).

Caring for Goats in the Jordan Valley, the area of Perea in New Testament times. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.
The desolate looking area across the valley is the northern end of the Wilderness of Judea. The Jordan River is rarely visible because it flows in a depression known as the Zor. The Zor is a depression cut into a wider depression called the Ghor. This valley is several hundred feet below sea level, making it ideal for truck farming today. If that expression (truck farming) is new to you, it means the growing of vegetables for use by people outside the area.
Thanks. Visit often.

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