Rolling stone tombs #6 – a tomb near Megiddo

Several tombs of the type in which Jesus was buried have survived the centuries. This one was discovered during road construction a few years ago near the Jezreel Valley, not very far from Megiddo. This is my favorite photo of rolling stone tombs.

Rolling stone tomb near the Jezreel Valley and Megiddo. Photo:

This rolling stone tomb was discovered during road work. It is a beautiful example of a tomb of this type. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

To locate this tomb in Google Earth Pro or Google Maps these these coordinates: 32 36 43.31 N, 35 08 17.01 E. It also worked on my Android phone to locate the site on the map and provide a photo of the tomb along the highway.

5 responses to “Rolling stone tombs #6 – a tomb near Megiddo

  1. Thanks for posting this– I’ve encountered your photo before but had forgotten where exactly this tomb was located. After finding it via coordinates on Google Maps, “Street View” gives a nice sense of the wider context, the other adjacent tomb openings, the road cut immediately in front, and the terrain dropping away into the stream-bed across the road. Did you ever notice, at the left edge of your picture, there are traces of an inside corner facing the road, indicating there was originally a front room, or at least a forecourt, that did not survive. Also, the surrounding rock-cuttings suggest that this particular spot started life as a quarry. Finally, let Street View take you a few dozen meters to the east (right) and there is yet another impressive tomb complex, part of which has collapsed.

    TOM POWERS / Waynesville, NC

  2. Hi Ferrell: Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Also, Pauline wanted to know how Elizabeth is doing. Pauline worked with Elizabeth in FC business office back in ’54. Tom

  3. Nancy Barry Crites

    I remember we stopped by side of road a took pictures of this tomb in 2010. Have you ever seen pictures of inside the tomb or know if there are any online?

    I love the tomb series.
    Nancy Crites

  4. Thanks for sharing this information !

  5. Brother Jenkins,

    Thank you so much for your lessons. It’s like being back in class with you at the helm! Bless you and sister Elizabeth.

    Beth Grant

    Sent from my iPhone


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