Where have we been? An explanation

My blogging has been sparse for the past month and I feel I should make some explanation. I was leading a tour of the Alpine region of Europe during the first half of May. After that my wife and I went to Israel for 11 days. We were joined by David Padfield, a long-time friend who has traveled with us several times, to visit some old and new places in Israel.

While in Israel we learned from our neighbor-friend who was looking in on our property that the water line to the refrigerator had burst. This caused the house to be flooded. The hardwood floor in three rooms was damaged and some of it was immediately taken up. The kitchen cabinets were also damaged and will have to be replaced. Not something good to come home to, but then we thought about our fellow-citizens who have lost much more in the terrible flooding and storms in states such as Texas and Oklahoma.

It will take several weeks to get all of the repairs made, but we do have a bedroom and a study without damage. I worked all last week on two lessons I presented Sunday.

When I downloaded the Email at home it totaled almost 1000 messages. At least four or five of those should be answered. Please pardon if we have not answered yours yet.

Hopefully we can get back on schedule soon. We do have a lot of new material to share with those who wish to read.

Ferrell & Elizabeth Jenkins at Bethany, the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. David Padfield made the photo for us.

Ferrell and Elizabeth Jenkins at Bethany, the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. David Padfield made the photo for us.

3 responses to “Where have we been? An explanation

  1. You comments are always encouraging, my friend.

  2. In point of fact, the day is bleaker and more ignorant when my inbox lacks your missives. Can’t wait to find your postings filling my mind with daily enlightenment once again. Larry H

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