Ponies and Sea Horses

Barely settling in at home after weeks of travel we are engrossed in the beginning of a week of birthday activities for our grandson. His other grandparents are in town. We always enjoy visiting with them, going to two Pony League baseball games, making a special visit or two, and eating together. Last year our special visit was a visit to see Winter, the famous tailless dolphin. This year we visited the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, Florida.

The Leafy Dragon is one of the most unusual sea creatures we saw at the Aquarium.

Leafy Dragon at the Florida Aquarium, Tampa, FL. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Leafy Dragon at the Florida Aquarium, Tampa, FL. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

The posted information at the Florida Aquarium says,

In the cool waters off the coast of south Australia, forests of kelp hide rare sea dragons. They move through the waving fronds of seaweed with stately grace, festooned with their own leafy camouflage.

Despite their fabulous foliage, leafy sea dragons are fish, relatives of seahorses and pipe fish. Like their kin, dragons have tube-like mouths and a gender-bending approach to reproduction.

In one of those baseball games our little guy hit his first home run and received the game ball. He is having a great birthday celebration and we are pleased to share it.

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