The “wife of Christ”

Reminds me of a preaching brother in the Ohio Valley a few decades back who had trouble pronouncing the letter “L”. As a result, he often spoke of the “wife of Christ.” True story. Like the Europeans who says “elewator” in stead of “elevator.”

Having been out of the country for three weeks and still delayed in New York, I have been unable to mention the recent spate of media attention to the claim of a document in which Jesus mentions His wife.

For those who are interested in reading some reliable responses to this nonsense, I call attention to two posts by Todd Bolen at the Bible Places Blog.

In the first one, Bolen briefly summarizes his response to the story under the title “Somebody Once Believed That Jesus Had a Wife” here.

In the second one, here,  he lists a summary of more than a dozen articles worth reading.

Don’t go to church Sunday morning without being prepared. Someone is sure to mention one of the brief reports they heard on TV.

3 responses to “The “wife of Christ”

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  2. Was it not the custom of the Hebrew, that the bride groom furnished the wine and food, the mother of the groom was the hostess. Hince the wedding of Cannan. Jeshuah (Jesus) came to experience the frailties and problems of mankind, that would have had to have been a marriage also. Was an unmarried man able to teach in a Synagog? A Hebrew man was looked down upon if he did not perpetuate the race. As I understand it a lot of the Eastern Christian churches believe in the marriage, what is wrong with our views. We are as a Western Christian people are intolerable of other beliefs in Christ. By what right?

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