Steps of Paul and John in Turkey and Greece

We’re off to visit Turkey and Greece for the next few days. Visiting all of the sites where Paul and John traveled would be impossible in a few weeks. Our tour in Turkey, which we have conducted several times since 1968, is limited to the area of the Seven Churches of Revelation (1:4, 11), and a few cities associated with Paul’s ministry (Ephesus, Acts 19; Colossae and Hierapolis, Colossians 4:13; Miletus, Acts 20). The entry point into the country is Istanbul, the former Constantinople, a city that was significant in the early post-apostolic history of the church.

In the Aegean Sea we visit Patmos (Revelation 1:9), Rhodes (Acts 21:1), and Crete (Acts 27; Titus 1:5).

Our stops in Greece are limited to Athens, Corinth and Cenchreae (Acts 17-18).

We don’t promise to be as thorough as we might while in the comfort of the study at home, but we will try to post a few photos of interest as we move along.

We arrived in Istanbul this morning, collected the luggage, cleared customs and had our luggage loaded on the bus by noon. After a stop for lunch near the Hagai Sophia and the Blue Mosque, we continued with some general sightseeing of the city and a boat ride on the Bosporus. I think everyone is looking forward to a good night of sleep and a full day of sightseeing in the city tomorrow.

6 responses to “Steps of Paul and John in Turkey and Greece

  1. Hello Benita and Shirley, hope your having a wonderful time. Love Leonard and his mother Leola

  2. Joe and I remember this as being one of our best trips. We are sure all of you on this journey will come away with many great memories. We hope you all enjoy safe travels, and we trust you will be encouraged and strengthened from your fellowship with one another while you share this adventure together. Our Best, Joe and Danny Hester

  3. Happy to learn of your safe arrival. Will be following your journey. With envy. Olen

  4. Hope you all have a good time. Say Hi to Arter and Janice

  5. thejamesmiller

    erin and i are so bummed to have to miss this trip!! (but on the bright side, we’re getting a house and a kid!) we’ll be following along. tell stacy jobe we said ‘hi!’

  6. Sorry I wasn’t able to help you yesterday. Hope your trip goes well and looking forward to seeing some pics and hear of your adventures.
    Mark R.

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