No Joke: free and nearly free

Todd Bolen, in his Weekend Roundup at the Bible Places Blog, calls attention to a couple of books that I wanted to mention while there is still time.

The first is a free Kindle ebook — Walk the Land: A Journey on Foot Through Israel. This couple in their early 50s followed the 600-mile Israel National Trail from the border of Egypt to the border of Lebanon. It was a 42 day trek. I don’t know how long the book will be available at this price. Act quickly.

The second is one of the Fabulous Friday Specials at Through Monday evening you can get the Zondervan Atlas of the Bible, by Carl Rasmussen, for $14.99 (with typical postage and handling, I suppose).

One response to “No Joke: free and nearly free

  1. Geoff Waugh

    Great news – I now have the free Kindle on PC, and the book – great testimony and interesting photos, and have bought other Kindle books as well. Free Kindle on PC note now added to
    Geoff .

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