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Travel in the Plain of Acco and the Plain of Sharon

We saw most of what we had intended today, but due to a late start from Tiberias it was a long day. We got to Jerusalem a little late, went immediately to the dining room, and then made it to our room about 9:30 p.m.

We drove from Tiberias to Acco (Akko, Acre), a city of the biblical tribe of Asher, is mentioned in Judges 1:31. The city was known as Ptolemais in New Testament times. Paul stopped at Ptolemais and stayed with the brethren for a day on the return from his third journey (Acts 21:7).

We continued north along the Plain of Acco past Achziv (English versions use Achzib) (Joshus 19:29) to the Ladder of Tyre. More explanation latter. This natural formation has served as a natural boundary for centuries.

In the late afternoon we stopped in the Plain of Sharon, a few miles north of Caesarea, at the town of Beit Hananya to see a portion aqueduct that carried water to Caesarea. This portion of the aqueduct was constructed during the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the early second century A.D.

For a photo I want to share Tel Hannathon, the site of a town once belonging to the tribe of Zebulon.

The border circled around it on the north to Hannathon, and it ended at the valley of Iphtahel. (Joshua 19:14 NAU)

Tel Hannathon. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Tel Hannathon. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Hannathon is one of those places mentioned in the Bible that is simply passed over by most readers and teachers. The city was a real place in Bible times, occupied by real people who really did the things recorded in Scripture. Don’t let the details pass you by. Sometimes they can be highly significant.

We have an exciting day planned for tomorrow with a driver who will go with us to visit sites in the West Bank. Most of the rental car companies in Israel do not allow their cars to be driven in the West Bank.