Daily Archives: May 5, 2011

A new BiblePlaces Newsletter

After a legitimate delay in publishing a new BiblePlaces Newsletter, Todd Bolen has done all of us a favor with the May issue.

He is offering a special discount on Views That Have Vanished: Photographs of David Bivin. The set of hi-res photos from the 1960s is available for $14 — a discount of 55%. This is a worthwhile material and should be useful to every Bible teacher. We reviewed the CD here in 2008.

Views That Have Vanished: Photographs of David Bivin.Available at a Great Discount.

Bolen is also giving away a 12-photo PowerPoint presentation of Off the Beaten Trail in Galilee.

If you do not already subscribe the the BiblePlaces Newsletter, I suggest you read the May issue here and then subscribe.