Daily Archives: May 1, 2011

A personal note about other traveling bloggers

In recent years it is common for tour members to begin a blog and post their impressions and photos during the tour. I must say that this isn’t always easy. First there is the problem of connecting to the Internet. I have an unlocked air card that has worked with a local data SIM card. This time I am having trouble with it. The rates for the use of the Internet at the Tiberias hotel was $23 a day. Highway robbery! The hotel here in Jerusalem charges $15 a day. Local street robbery!  Then there is the problem of time. I have seen bloggers up until late hours just getting online, preparing photos and writing readable info for friends back home.

The bloggers also lug around expensive computer and photographic equipment in order to accomplish the self-appointed task.

I thought that some of our readers might like to take a look at how these bloggers are handling the matter. A couple of them are using WordPress, and one is using Blogger.

Nick and Erin Smith are blogging at Oh, the Places We Go here. Nick and Erin are a young married couple making their first foreign trip.

Stephen Cook is blogging under the title From Athens to Israel here. Stephen is from Athens, Alabama. Stephen has done some foreign travel before.

All three of these folks are on their first tour of the Bible Lands. Their perspective will reveal the approach of a first time traveler to the area. They are looking forward to using their new knowledge and photos in Bible teaching. And they all come from North Alabama, an area hit by the recent tornadoes that devastated some areas of the South last Wednesday. Fortunately their property was untouched.

Larry Haverstock is blogging under his own name here. This is Larry’s second tour in as many years. He knows exactly why he is here this year. He wishes to gain a deeper understanding of the land and its relation to the Word. He is an experienced minister who already understands exactly how he will use what he is learning.

Former Travelers Back Home Braving the Storms

Olen and Jane Britnell, also from North Alabama, have traveled with us on a number of tours. Jane blogs when she travels. She is not on this tour, but she is blogging again. This time it is about the devastating storms that hit all around them a few days ago. You might enjoy reading this first hand report. She also includes info on Shirley — another personal friend who lost her house in the storm. Shirley has traveled with us on numerous tours, and  is a faithful follower of this blog. The blog, wesurvivedthestorms, is here.