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Paul stayed three days in Syracuse

After three months on the Island of Malta, Paul’s voyage to Rome resumed when an Alexandrian ship that had wintered there set sail. The next stop was Syracuse in Sicily (Acts 28:11-12).

K. L. McKay describes Syracuse:

A city with a large harbour on the E coast of Sicily. Founded in 734 bc by Corinthian colonists, it had by the end of the 5th century bc become the most important city, politically and commercially, in Sicily, especially under the tyrants Gelon and Dionysius I. (New Bible Dictionary, 1143).

The stop at Syracuse is nearly overlooked by Luke, with only these words:

We put in at Syracuse and stayed there three days. (Acts 28:12 NET)

It is doubtful that Paul, as a prisoner, had much liberty to visit the sites of the city as he did at Athens (Acts 17:23). There are a few Roman and Greek ruins to be seen today. Our photo today is of the Greek theater built in the fourth century B.C.

Syracuse Greek Theater. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Ruins of the Greek Theater in Syracuse. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.