The Dead Sea a century ago

In the early twentieth century the Palestine Exploration Fund measured the water level of the Dead Sea near Ein Fash’ha. Their mark is still visible. It would be nice to look down to the current level and make a photo of the road and the sea below. At this point, however, the roadway is narrow and stopping is difficult. A high fence and growth on the sea side make photos nearly impossible. I have been able to get a photo of the sign and the marks left by the PEF.

PEF sign at the Dead Sea. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

PEF sign at the Dead Sea. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Between the years 1900-1913, and again in 1917, the Palestine Exploration Fund (P.E.F) measured the water level of the Dead Sea using this rock. The red paint marking the water level as it was a century ago can still be seen today.

The photo below shows the P.E.F. initials and two black marks. In the event that you find the P.E.F. difficult to see, I have added P.E.F. to the right of the chiseled mark on the rock.

PEF Dead Sea level marker. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

PEF Dead Sea level marker. Photo by F. Jenkins.

The Dead Sea is called the Salt Sea in the Old Testament (Genesis 14:3; Numbers 34:3, 12; Deuteronomy 3:17, et al.

The New 7 Wonders has included the Dead Sea on their list of New 7 Wonders of Nature. You may see the entire list and cast a vote here. (HT: Harriett)

5 responses to “The Dead Sea a century ago

  1. Great event! I like your dead sea spa magik pictures ☺

  2. Thanks, that is just an amazing amount of water to think about being absent. A 48×10 mile sea having a drop in the range of 115′ (if the 1292 number can be used). Amazing difference.

  3. See this post for difference in past 44 years. See the work of Parker and Riddle here. The link to their program is broken, but you can get a larger image by using the link I have at the bottom of the post. An old Bible atlas I have in my Logos program, An Historical Text Book and Atlas by Lyman Coleman, 1868, gives the elevation at 1337 feet below the Mediterranean Sea Level. In 2016 the level was 1407 feet below sea level. I think we can probably locate the level at the time of the PEF mark, but I don’t have more time at the moment. Hope this will help some. Use the search box and put in Dead Sea to locate more info on the Dead Sea.

  4. Do you have any guess on how high above the roadway the mark made by the P.E.F. is? I’ve seen a few pictures elsewhere that show a road running along the dead sea and it is a considerable distance down from the road to the Sea. Thanks

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