A note to my friends: Retiring again

In 2001 I retired from teaching in the Biblical Studies Department at Florida College, but I continued to work with a church on a part-time basis. I had intended to gradually cut back on that work in order to complete some writing that I have been working on over the years. Due to various circumstances, which any preacher understands, I thought it best to continue working with the church. Well, finally, I have decided to make the big move from being partially supported to living off the savings we have been been able to put away over the years. Anyone familiar with independent churches of Christ understands that there is no retirement plan. Perhaps we have begun to build smaller barns (cf. Luke 12:18). Retiring means giving up financial support, not giving up working for the Lord.

It is my plan to continue to lead tours of the Bible Lands, and possibly a few other places, as we have done for the past 42 years. I will continue to conduct a limited number of special lecture series. I am hopeful of being able to maintain the web sites [biblicalstudies.info and BibleWorld.com], and this blog as a by-product of the study and writing that I do. It is difficult to give up things one enjoys doing, but priorities must be set. I try to respond to short questions about specific Bible topics, but I may find it necessary to cut back on that.

Entry to the Water System at Beersheba. Photo by Leon Mauldin.

The Iron Age Water System at Beersheba. Photo by Leon Mauldin.

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