Bok Tower in Florida

This week, through Wednesday, I am presenting a series of lectures at the Lake Wales (Florida) Church of Christ. When I drove into the parking lot yesterday morning I looked to a distant hill and saw Bok Tower. I recall visiting Bok Tower one time as much as 5 decades ago. It is certainly a place to remember.

The tower and gardens were envisioned in the 1920s by Dutch immigrant and humanitarian Edward W. Bok. This site, set among orange groves, is one of the highest spots in Florida. The National Historic Landmark was dedicated by President Calvin Coolidge in 1929. In the afternoon we went by Tower so I could capture a photo.

Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales, FL. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales, FL. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

According to the brochure available at the entry this tower houses one of the world’s finest carillons. Concerts are presented daily.

One response to “Bok Tower in Florida

  1. the bok tower is on my list to photograph, it seems like it is such a spectacular place to visit

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