Dropbox is a nifty tool for those who travel

dropbox_referral_ill_1 Dropbox allows you to store files at their site, but the best feature is the ability to sync the files on your desktop computer with those on your laptop. Before I leave home I put some of the files I am working with in my Dropbox. They are available online or on my laptop whenever I need them. If I make a change in one of the files on the laptop, the change is made on my desktop. If I add a new file in my Dropbox on the laptop that file will be in my Dropbox at home when I return. This program is really user friendly.

It is possible to create a share folder in your Dropbox that enables you to easily share files with a friend.

Here is how the features of Dropbox are described at their website.

  • Sync files across computers
  • Access files online from anywhere
  • Share and collaborate with others

You can get 2 Gb of space free by downloading Dropbox.

If you use the link below you will get an additional .25 Gb of space. Click this link to get Dropbox plus the bonus space.

I am enjoying this program and am pleased to inform my readers about it.

HT: Tyndale Tech.

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