The Samaritans

Samaritan Priest with Samaritan Pentateuch Scroll. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Samaritan Priest with Samaritan Pentateuch Scroll. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

“Samaritans use modern means to keep ancient faith” is the title of an informative article about the modern Samaritans on Mount Gerizim at Reuters. A slide show of 10 good photos is included. I especially liked the one showing the priest in the museum with a painting of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well.

We recently wrote about the meeting of Jesus with the woman of Samaria at Jacob’s Well here. We wrote about Jesus passing through Samaria here.

Todd Bolen’s article on the Samaritan Passover may be read here.

Years back I made black and white photos for use in publications. This one shows a Samaritan priest displaying a copy of the Samaritan Pentateuch. He said it was the oldest book in the world. Textual scholars think it is no older than the 12th century A.D.

A Reuter’s Blog here gives some additional information about how the reporters got to Mount Gerizim. Check the video at the bottom of the page.

HT: Joseph Lauer; Paleojudaica.

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