Luxor, Egypt

We boarded our cruise boat today shortly before noon. After lunch we spent a few hours at Karnak where the great temple complex is located.

In the late afternoon we went to Luxor temple. This is the temple of Ramses II situated on the banks of the Nile River. I tried making a few photos of the beautifully lit entrance with the statues of the Pharaoh and the obelisk. Here is one of those.

Luxor was known as Thebes in the Old Testament.

Luxor Temple in Egypt. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Luxor Temple in Egypt. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

It is difficult for me to write more or post more photos at this time because there are only a couple of computers on the cruise ship and the cost is steep — about $10 for 30 minutes. I simply wanted all of our readers, especially those with family members and friends on the tour, to know that everyone in our group is doing well.

Our boat remains docked at Luxor tonight. Tomorrow morning we visit the Valley of the Kings. At about 1 p.m. the boat departs for destinations along the Nile River.

One response to “Luxor, Egypt

  1. Looks like a GREAT trip! Please tell Mike, Peggy, and Margaret that we are watching their every move (via your blog and Sharon’s). Many thanks! Wish we were there.
    Neil & Charlotte

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