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Todd Bolen’s BiblePlaces Newletter for December is now available. It includes a wonderful aerial photo of the Elah Valley. The main feature is a series of (Google) satellite photos of Jerusalem with the natural features (hills, valleys, springs, quarters of the city, etc.) identified. If you teach any lesson dealing with the city of Jerusalem you need these PowerPoint slides.

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The photo below shows one of the modern gates of Jerusalem. It is labeled Stephen’s Gate on one of the slides mentioned above. Murphy-O’Connor says that Suliman called it the Bab el-Ghor (the Jordan Valley Gate). In Hebrew it is called the Lions’ Gate, but you may notice that the animals to the left of the gate are panthers. Murphy-O’Connor says this was “the heraldic emblem of the Mamluk sultan Baybar (1260-77). This is the only gate of the Old City on the east side that is currently open.

Lions Gate or St. Stephen Gate. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Lions' Gate or St. Stephen's Gate. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

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