Pseudo Archaeologists

Gordon Govier, editor of Artifax, and producer of The Book & the Spade weekly radio program and podcast, has written about about a group of amateur archaeologists who are now being called Pseudo Archaeologists. These individuals, such as the late Ron Wyatt, Robert Cornuke. The discoveries claimed by these men make Indiana Jones look like a kid playing with his first shovel.

Several times a year someone sends me information about the claim of Ron Wyatt that he found Pharaoh’s chariot wheels in the Red Sea, etc. The ABR (Associates for Biblical Research) web page includes several articles dealing with these subjects. The page has been recently redesigned and you will profit by spending some time there. I also urge you to read Govier’s good article in Christianity Today here.

Some people think I know a lot about archaeology, but they know very little. I have been a student of the subject for more than 50 years, have participated in a dig, and am acquainted with several real archaeologists, but I am not an archaeologist. I frequently presents lessons on Bible History and Archaeology because I think the information can be extremely helpful to Bible students.

Sometimes we expect too much of archaeology. We should remember the old maxim, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.”

Archaeology is hard work, and often requires many years of diligent work at a single tell. In April I stopped at Tell Kafrein in the Jordan Valley and visited with the staff there for a while. This view shows a group gathered to hear the supervisor explain how to remove a Middle Bronze jar. The excavation at this yet unidentified site is under the direction of Professor Thanasis Papadopoulos of the University of Ioannina in northern Greece. I promised that I would not publish a photo of the jar, but I can tell you that it was beautiful (if you like that sort of thing). Notice that none of the works have a whip or a leather jacket. I don’t even see a fedora.

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