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Man of Galilee now available

The Man of Galilee by Atticus G. Haygood is a small book that should be read by every person interested in the identity of Jesus of Galilee. The book was first published in 1889, and has been republished several times. I published it as part of Evidence Quarterly in 1963. It has been available at our Biblical Studies Info Page for a number of years. Now DeWard Publishing Company has published The Man of Galilee in an attractive paperback edition of 108 pages. This book will make an excellent gift to any young person who is of an age to be thinking about the Jesus of the New Testament.

Melvin Curry comments about this book:

Some big books need to die; this little one needs to live. Haygood’s Man of Galilee is a profound argument about the uniqueness of Jesus.

Dan Petty says,

Haygood discusses the truly unique and universal quality of the character of Jesus in a manner that is thoughtful, thorough, and logical. It is presented in terms that the student will find interesting, refreshing, and in the end, compelling.

Order The Man of Galilee.

I wish to commend DeWard Publishing Company for making this book available. Take a look at their web page.