Daily Archives: April 22, 2008

Some recommended books

The Holy Land: An Oxford Archaeological Guide by Jerome Murphy-O’Connor is now back in print. Be sure you get the fifth edition (2008). This is one of the finest, most authoritative guide of archaeological sites in Israel.

Todd Bolen has called attention to an interview with Jerome Murphy-O’Connor on the Radio Scribe radio program. The files are available in mp3. I suggest you listen to these. I will try to give you the links to the two interviews:

Book and Spade interview with Murphy-O’Connor # 2

Book and Spade interview with Murphy-O’Connor # 1

Something Murphy-O’Connor said in one of the interviews is that he is unable to judge regarding some claims made by various archaeologists. He said, “I write as a communicator.” I like that, and think of myself in the same way as I direct my tours.

Another good book to study along with your Bible is the Wycliffe Historical Geography of Bible Lands by Vos. Be sure you get the 2003 edition. The earlier edition was by Pfeiffer and Vos, but has now been updated by Vos.

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Sound a ram’s horn

The ram’s horn was important in the history of Israel. One of the words often for the horn is shophar.

  • A long blast on the ram’s horn was used to alert the Israelites when they could approach Mount Sinai (Exodus 19:13).
  • The ram’s horn was sounded at the beginning of important feast days (Leviticus 25:9).
  • After Israel marched around Jericho they would hear a long blast on the ram’s horn (Joshua 6:5). The word horn in this verse is qeren, but the word shophar is translated trumpet.

I have observed that shepherds are proud of the ram of the flock. This photo was made last week in northern Jordan not very far from Ramoth in Gilead and the border with Syria.