Daily Archives: June 8, 2007

In Gaziantep

We arrived in Gaziantep in time for Leon to make his flight to Istanbul. He plans to return home tomorrow. I have had some problems with the wireless connection in the hotel tonight. Will have to wait till later to post about our visits to Sanliurfa, the Euphrates River, and Carchemish. Here is a photo we made at Carchemish. The tell is in the middle, about 1/2 mile behind us. I know the photo is a little corny, but we are out, standing in our field.


Harran – Home of Abraham

Yesterday afternoon we visited Harran (some English Bible versions use Haran). Harran is located in biblical Padan-Aram (Genesis 25:29, et al). Abraham and his family lived in the area (Genesis 11:21). The city has a long history which I will not go into now. For the past two hundred years the people who live here have built mud brick conical, beehive-shaped houses. We also see some of these houses in northern Syria. Here is a photo showing one of the houses. Due to the heat in this area we waited until late in the afternoon to visit. The lines you see going across the buildings are made by the shadow from the power lines. An oven can be seen to the right of the boy. The woman is bringing a load of pruned grape vines to be used in her oven.

Beehive Type Houses in Harran.

Today we visit Sanliurfa, claimed by the Muslims to be the birthplace of Abraham, and the Euphrates River.