Monthly Archives: May 2007

JetBlue on time.

We flew JetBlue from Tampa to JFK. Flight left on time and arrived a little early. The airline has more leg room than most (or all) other airlines. The blue potato chips are good, too. We are accustomed to jumping in the car and getting to most anywhere we need to be in a few minutes. It is amazing how much time New Yorkers spend waiting on transportation.

Satellite View of Area of Paul’s First Journey

Take a look at this nice NASA photo as you study Paul’s travel on the First Journey (Acts 13-14).


Lonely Planet Turkey

Today I received the April, 2007, edition of Lonely Planet’s Turkey from Amazon. What a thrill to get a book that is so recently updated. The book totals 724 pages. Lonely Planet guides are most useful to independent travelers, but I find lots of good information even for someone on a tour. Today I checked several places that I have been studying about recently. I picked up a few interesting tidbits, but also observed that several important historical things are omitted. One guide is not enough. Many group travelers would be content with Turkey in the Eyewitness Travel Guides.

Visit our Biblical Studies Info Book Store and order either or both of these books.

New Photo Header

I decided to emphasize the travel on ancient roads as the theme to be used here. The photos were made at Laodicea.

At Granddad’s Desk

Drew in Granddad’s Office

He is a great little guy. I wanted to put his photo here so I could see it each time I go online.

Tour Banner

Tour Banner

This is the banner we will be using for our group photograph somewhere along the road.

Getting Ready to Travel Ancient Roads

In a few days we will be departing with a group for our Ancient Crossroad Tour of Biblical and Historical Turkey. I have decided to use this blog as a place to post information and photos about the tour.

If you know someone who would be interested in following the reports give them the URL.