JetBlue on time.

We flew JetBlue from Tampa to JFK. Flight left on time and arrived a little early. The airline has more leg room than most (or all) other airlines. The blue potato chips are good, too. We are accustomed to jumping in the car and getting to most anywhere we need to be in a few minutes. It is amazing how much time New Yorkers spend waiting on transportation.

3 responses to “JetBlue on time.

  1. Camera? I knew I would forget something! But it wasn’t a camera. We will be in Cappadocia Friday night and Saturday.

  2. Ferrell, be sure to post some good pix of those strange formations in Cappadocia. Have a safe trip…we will be watching for news and pix.

    Sandra and Jim

  3. Keith Craig

    Ferrell and Elizabeth,

    We’re looking forward to following your travels on this blog, and are praying for you to have a safe and profitable trip. We’ll miss you while you’re away. We’re all wondering, though, did you think to bring a camera?

    Keith, Liese, Olivia, Madeline

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