Passing Through the Cilician Gate

After worship we visited the village of Ortahisar, and made another photo stop in Cappadocia. We stopped in Avanos to make a photo of the Halys River. The river marked the boundary of the early Hittite kingdom. Avanos is noted for its pottery making. In Turkey, as in many parts of the world, the old hand skills such as pottery making are being taken over by machinery. In this small town many of the people still make pottery by hand.
Elizabeth and I are joined by our driver and our guide, Orhan Ongu, for this photo at Ortahisar in Cappadocia. This is Orhan’s home town, but he now lives in Istanbul. He is a knowledgeable and personable guide. The group is enjoying his help and information.

Ferrell and Elizabeth with driver and guide in at Ortahisar, Turkey.

In the afternoon we drove south to Adana through the famous Cilician Gate, the pass through the Taurus Mountains. This pass was used by famous rulers such as Xerxes, Darius, Cyrus, and Alexander the Great. This route seems to be the one taken by Paul and Silas on the second journey (Acts 15:46 – 15:1). It would have been the route used by the Romans and the Crusaders. There is a feeling of participating in history as one travels this road. The ancient road has been replaced by a modern multi-lane highway. The photo below shows the Taurus Mountains from a rest stop north of the Cilician Gates. On the left is a Roman milestone dating to A.D. 231.

The Taurus Mountains and the Cilician Gate.

We passed near Tarsus, the native home of Paul, and turned east to Adana. This was the Old Testament region of Que (Kue) and the New Testament region of Cilicia. The earliest letter of the New Testament is the one contained in Acts 15:23-29. This letter is addressed “to the brethren in Antioch and Syria and Cilicia who are from the Gentiles.” Paul and Silas traveled through the region, strengthening the churches (Acts 15:40-41). Who established these churches?

Tomorrow we will explore Tarsus, home of the Apostle Paul.

4 responses to “Passing Through the Cilician Gate

  1. Brother Jenkins,

    Thanks for the photos and information (and for linking this on BOL). Great stuff. Send our regards to Sandy & Wally Hayes and Kurt & Terri Byers (whom we recognized in the group picture). All the best,

    Jeff & Melanie Young

  2. I’m so glad you posted to BOL, otherwise I’d have missed the trip. ! I look forward to “traveling” with you all as you continue.

    Gerry W.

  3. neilhagewood

    Thanks for the BLOG and great pictures. Tell Mike and Peggy Coward that Weatherly is tracking their every move. Wish we were with you all (y’all). – – –
    Neil Hagewood

  4. lukechandler

    Love the pictures. It must be quite a remarkable feeling to follow the steps of so many significant men. I hope to share in that experience someday.

    Thanks for setting up the blog. I saw Wally & Sandy Hayes in the photo. Please give them my regards! – Luke Chandler

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