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A Bible Land tour for less than $20.00

Journey Through the Holy Lands is a DVD featuring Michael Hasel of Southern Adventist University. Dr. Hasel is Director of the Institute of Archaeology and teaches archaeology at SAU in Collegedale, Tennessee.

In 2007 Hasel was filmed at important biblical sites providing a commentary about the significance of the site. The following sites are visited:

Garden Tomb; Church of the Holy Sepulcher; the Cardo; Western Wall; Temple Mount; Sheep Gate (often called St. Stephen’s or Lion’s Gate); Pool of Bethesda; Damascus Gate; the First Century House in the Jewish Quarter.

The Dead Sea Area
Qumran, Dead Sea, Masada, Wadi Qelt; Jericho

Egypt and the Sinai
The Giza Pyramids; Saqqara; St. Catherine’s Monastery; Mount Sinai

This DVD is not one of those slick TV presentations. It is the film of a competent scholar who is well acquainted with the history and archaeology of the area telling his tour group about it. I was impressed that Hasel spelled out the facts about such competing sites as the Holy Sepulcher and the Garden Tomb. At some places the commentary was very brief. At Jericho he mentioned the relevant research but did not show any of the evidence on the tell. There is no visit of sites in the Galilee.

At St. Catherine’s, Hasel tells about the discovery of the Sinaiticus Manuscript. Attractive maps and artwork has been added to the film. The background noise at the Giza Pyramids is noticeable and a distraction. The narration could have been added in a studio back home, but it would have changed the character of the film.

It was a pleasure to view the video. I would recommend it to those who have visited these areas and would like an on site review. It would be good for those who will never visit the sites, or those who are preparing for a trip.

Journey Through the Holy Lands is available for $15.00. Shipping and Handling for 1 or 2 copies is $2.50 each. For 3 or more copies it is $5.00.  Payment must be made by money order or check payable to Southern Adventist University. Send order to: Institute of Archaeology, Southern Adventist University, P.O. Box 370, Collegedale, TN 37315.

The Institute of Archaeology operates the Lynn H. Wood Museum which is the repository of the William G. Dever Near Eastern Collection. Check the web page here. I plan to visit the museum if I have an opportunity to travel in the area.