Paul’s Missionary Tube Map

If you have used the Tube in London, or the subway system in another major city, you might enjoy this little chart on theologygrams. HT: @alancornett


Paul Tube Map Final

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5 responses to “Paul’s Missionary Tube Map

  1. Seems much easier to follow than the little maps in the back of most Bibles. Helpful teaching tool.

  2. I never could read a London “Tube Map”—but I wonder why there is a connection between Derbe and Antioch on Paul’s first journey.

  3. Linda, you should get a good Bible atlas like the Zondervan Bible Atlas of the Bible, or the Essential Atlas of the Bible which would be easier to take to Bible class. See

  4. Carl, my thought was that he was showing a possible route through the Cilician Gates which Paul did not take on the return. But the Cilician Gates are a long way from Antioch. Another problem is the location of Attalia and Perga. It is a cute idea. I especially like the “Good Barber” at Cenchreae.