Paul’s Missionary Tube Map

If you have used the Tube in London, or the subway system in another major city, you might enjoy this little chart on theologygrams. HT: @alancornett


Paul Tube Map Final

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5 responses to “Paul’s Missionary Tube Map

  1. Carl, my thought was that he was showing a possible route through the Cilician Gates which Paul did not take on the return. But the Cilician Gates are a long way from Antioch. Another problem is the location of Attalia and Perga. It is a cute idea. I especially like the “Good Barber” at Cenchreae.

  2. Linda, you should get a good Bible atlas like the Zondervan Bible Atlas of the Bible, or the Essential Atlas of the Bible which would be easier to take to Bible class. See

  3. I never could read a London “Tube Map”—but I wonder why there is a connection between Derbe and Antioch on Paul’s first journey.

  4. Seems much easier to follow than the little maps in the back of most Bibles. Helpful teaching tool.

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