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Friday’s findings

Looking for Joshua’s Ai. Gary Byers, administrative director of the Khirbet el-Maqatir excavation, has already posted info on six days of the dig. Because I assume this series will continue, I suggest you begin with Day One here. The expedition has posted photos on Facebook here. This will give prospective diggers some idea what goes on during a dig. Information about the purpose of the dig, a project of the Associates for Biblical Research, is posted here. Dr. Bryant Wood, and others associated with this dig, are looking for an alternative site for Ai.

Hidden Pyramids. Dr. Zahi Hawass has called in question the BBC program about the work of Dr. Sarah Parcak using satellite imagery to discover 17 new pyramids and other structures.

Although satellite imaging is useful for discovering new sites and monuments, interpretation of the images is not straightforward. No one can say with certainty that the features displayed under the sand are actually pyramids. Such anomalies could be houses, tombs, temples, pyramids, buried cities or even geological features. The only way we can definitely identify what is there is by excavating it – by investigating it physically. This was not made clear in the article.

Read the complete article here. See our earlier report here.

Corinth Matters. David Pettegrew, assistant Professor of History at Messiah College near Harrisburg, PA., has started a blog called Corinth Matters. Pettegrew completed a dissertation on Corinth on the Isthmus. The new blog deals with the ancient city of Corinth, the Isthmus, the Diolkos, and other things Corinthian. You will find readings lists, links to conferences, info on excavations, maps and images relating to Corinth and the Corinthian correspondence.

Dr. Pettegrew currently is traveling in Albania, the location of ancient Illyricum, visiting Corinthian colonies from the pre-Christian period. Paul made reference to preaching as far as Illyricum.

by the power of miraculous signs and wonders, and by the power of God’s Spirit. As a result, I have fully proclaimed the good news about the Messiah from Jerusalem all the way around to Illyricum. (Romans 15:19 CSB)

Corinth Canal - Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

A ship is towed through the Corinth Canal. View west toward the Gulf of Corinth. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Having taught the Corinthian correspondence for several year, I find this blog especially interesting.