Topping 300,000 and the BiblioBlog rankings

On Friday evening, January 22, at 11:24 p.m. (EST) I checked the counter on this blog. The total number of visitors registered since May, 2007, was 300,004. Today the count has topped 305,000.

The first post on Ferrell’s Travel Blog was May 2, 2007, in anticipation of a tour to central Turkey. The intention was to keep the families of the tour members informed about what we were doing. A total of 575 persons visited the blog that month. In December, 2009, we averaged 593 hits each day. This month the average will be near 630 per day.

One friend (SC) who has been a reader since the first month wrote about a week ago,

I just checked your WordPress for today’s message – lo and behold – you have gone over 300,000 reads! Congratulations! (I can’t remember when you started this service, but obviously we all love it – please keep it up!)

I am thankful for the loyal followers, and for everyone who drops by from time to time. Originally I had no plan to make this blog a near-daily project. I plan to continue as long as I enjoy doing it and think it is a good expenditure of my time.

My wife keeps telling me that the title, Ferrell’s Travel Blog, causes people to think that the blog is just about my travels. Had I envisioned the future back in May, 2007, I suppose I would have chosen a different name. The ratings now are too high to make a change!

Almost every day I am tempted to comment on a number of things, but I usually resist and keep the focus on the Bible Lands, biblical archaeology, and Bible-related places and events.

What is a BiblioBlog?

What is a BiblioBlog? I suppose it is a blog that in some way deals with the Bible.

The Alexa Ranking for the third week for the month of January shows Ferrell’s Travel Blog to be number 11 out of more than 358 BiblioBlogs. Normally these rankings are published monthly. Our blog has been in the top 20 several times, and as high as 5 for the month of July, 2009. We are thankful to our loyal readers who find the material we publish to be useful.

Jeremy Thompson of Free Old Testament Audio has volunteered to post these rankings on a monthly basis, but he is trying some new things and decided to make a weekly posting. The full list of BiblioBlogs is here. The list is somewhat arbitrary and it may not show the ranking of some significant blogs, but it interesting to follow.

My blog has never been intended as part of a competition, but I enjoy seeing it move up in the rankings. I see every visitor as someone who is potentially informed and/or edified by what he/she reads.

Thanks to WordPress

Thanks to the kind folks at WordPress who make possible this opportunity. I hope they are making lot’s of money (from others!).  If you have something worth saying get a blog. WordPress is a good place to begin.

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