Reliability of the New Testament Manuscripts

Earlier I mentioned hearing Dr. Daniel Wallace speak on New Testament Textual Criticism at the annual ETS meeting. Dan is NT editor of the NET Bible and a respected textual critic. He has a DVD video of this lecture and of another one (“Is What We Have Now What They Wrote Then?”) available for the small sum of $15.00 plus $3 S&H. This is good, up-to-date, material on this subject. I ordered my copies this morning. Here is the info about the DVDs:

“Is What We Have Now What They Wrote Then?”
A lecture at an apologetics conference in Providence, Rhode Island, 2008, about whether our printed New Testaments today accurately represent the original text.

“Challenges in New Testament Textual Criticism for the 21st Century”
A plenary lecture at the annual Evangelical Theological Society meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, 2008, on current issues in NT textual criticism.

Use this link to get to the order page: Wallace DVDs. To read a bit more about the DVDs and see comments by readers, click here.

Information about The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts, which is headed by Wallace, is available here.

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  2. Another word about the videos of Dr. Wallace: They were filmed by a pro videographer with HD video. The DVDs are not in HD because of how few folks can actually read such on their computers, but the image and sound quality are excellent. Here’s the URL again for order info:

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