Khirbet Qeifaya (Elah Fortress) summary

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has posted a nice summary of the information about what they are calling the Elah Fortress at Khirbet Qeifaya here.

The article title is “Earliest Known Hebrew Text in Proto-Canaanite Script Discovered.” Every indication from this release is that the site is considered as a Judeah fortress. Here are three paragraphs from the release.

How do we know this is a Judean fortress?
The early Hebrew ostracon, Judean pottery similar to that found at other Israelite settlements, and the absence of pig bones among the animal bones found at the site all point to this fortress being a city of the Kingdom of Judea.

Elah Fortress proof of United Monarchy
The Elah Fortress archaeological site could prove the existence of the United Monarchy, which scholars often question ever existed. The artifacts found at the site thus far all indicate that there was most likely a strong king and central government in Jerusalem – earlier than any discovered until now – rather than a number of small villages scattered throughout Judea. This would verify descriptions and narratives found in Samuel and Chronicles.

Over 100 jar handles bear distinct impressions which may indicate a link to royal vessels. Such a large quantity of this feature found in one small locale is unprecedented.

Archaeo-politics run deep in Israel! I suggest you read the entire article.

HT: Joseph I. Lauer

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