Daily Archives: July 31, 2008

New study material online (including Español)

Over at BibleWorld I have posted the following items including Español el material de estudio de la Biblia.:

  • La Authoridad Biblica (under Foreign Language Materials). This book is for class or individual study.
  • Introduction to the Prophets. (This, and the other items below, are under Old Testament Studies.) Brief introductory outline showing the role of the prophets in Israel.
  • Analysis of the Book of Isaiah. This is the analysis by George L. Robinson.
  • Comparison of Kings of Israel, Judah, and Foreign Rulers. Helpful chart with dates for all rulers.

One you get to BibleWorld click on the Download Study Material in PDF link. Then scroll to the material you would like to take a look at and download if you wish.

Here is the link to BibleWorld.