Everyone is well

It is a bit disappointing that I am unable to upload photos from my hotel in Jerusalem. Two other bloggers on our group are having the same problem.

So, this note is just to let you know that everyone is doing well at the end of the day, Monday, April 7.

One response to “Everyone is well

  1. Amazing how much blogging has advanced in the decade since my 1998 Tour of Israel blog. Back then I had to use dial-up, fuzzy vidcaps from my DV camera via my Pentium laptop, and barebones, handwritten HTML to post it all. And remember all the trouble it was to get an Israeli ISP? We had to create an account in advance of the trip just to be sure we could get online at all. Now you’ve got three modern blogs on one tour . . . though it seems like your 21st-century Internet access is not as solid as it should be. Hope to see some more photos soon.

    Say hello to the Mellors and to Steve Dewhirst (and anyone else who might know me).

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