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New Bible software map program

Scott Richardson, of Impressive Image Impressions, has released the third is his Discovering … series of Bible software. The first two are Discovering… Churches of the New Testament and Discovering… Kings of the Divided Monarchy. The new one is entitled Discovering… Lands and Places of the Bible (usable in both Windows and Mac). Maps cover all periods of the Bible in PDF and PNG format. These are suitable for use in presentations or printing for class.

The program includes a “Build-a-Map” feature for those who wish to edit maps for special purposes.

For detailed study involving the terrain these maps are lacking. With that said, I suspect that most preachers or teachers who use Bible maps in their presentations will find these adequate.

A Quicktime video shows the features of each program. The online store is temporarily down, but you may contact Scott by calling 1-800-762-4843.

Maps and Geography in Biblical Studies

Some time back I wrote about Selecting a Bible Atlas here.

I keep a link to Tyndale Tech (Electronic Resources for Biblical Studies) at Biblical Studies Info Page (under Scholarly, then Blogs). David Instone-Brewer surveys various sources for maps here, including making your own. Later I will try to write about BibleMapper. I have downloaded it and it really looks great.

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit Bible Lands and make good photographs for use in teaching, but there are many sources for photos.

These statement by Instone-Brewer really impressed me:

There is now no excuse to teach or preach without pictures and maps.

Hint. If you aren’t using many pictures, wait till the latter half of your teaching, and then wake them up with a map and some photos.