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Where did Noah’s Ark land?

Bible and Spade has made the Fall 2006 issue available in PDF. The entire issue deals with questions of current interest to scholars about the landing of Noah’s Ark. Some recent claims that the ark might have landed in Iran are discussed. The evidence for the two main sites (or regions) in Eastern Turkey are discussed in detail.

One of the main sites is on, or near, Mount Ararat. The mountain is located just a few miles from the Iranian border in eastern Turkey. Here is a photo I made at Mount Ararat earlier in the summer.

Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins

The other location is Mount Cudi in southeastern Turkey near the border with Iraq. We were unable to visit this site due to the issues between Turkey and the PKK (very much in the news lately).

The Bible says the ark came to rest on the “mountains of Ararat” (Genesis 8:4). Either of these sites fall within that description.

You may download the Fall 2006 issue of Bible and Spade here in PDF (2.0 MB).

Bible and Spade - Fall 2006

I recommend Bible and Spade. I subscribe and have the back issues in Logos Libronix format for easy searching. Go here for more information about subscribing or securing the back issues. Dr. Bryant G. Wood is the editor of Bible and Spade.