Traveling in Israel again

For the past nine days I have been traveling through Israel to places that most tourists do not see. Leon Mauldin, one of my early students at Florida College and now a successful tour organizer, has been traveling with me. We call one of these trips our Personal Study Trips.

I have no idea how many pictures I have made of the sunrise on the Sea of Galilee. since 1967. This one was made from the fourth floor of the Ron Beach Hotel and is the first I have made with a cell phone camera. With a little help in Photoshop it looks pretty good.

Jesus and his earliest disciples lived in Galilee and they must have seen many beautiful sunrises.

I hope this will brighten your day.

Sunrise in Galilee, March 16, 2022. Made from the fourth floor of the Ron Beach lHotel, Tiberias, Israel

3 responses to “Traveling in Israel again

  1. with acknowledgment

  2. Thanks again for your blogs Ferrell. I couldn’t find your email address – mine is I’m writing articles and eventually a book on Jesus’ life and would love to include some of your photographs, with wit6h acknowledgment such as ‘Photo by Ferrell Jenkins (’ An email from you confirming this would be helpful. My articles would be included in Blessings, Geoff. PS it’s fine to delete my comment.

  3. Nice! i am heading there in May on a cruise. Finally get going again after 2.5 years of absence.

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