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Will you join me for the Infusion Bible Conference?

I am planning to attend the IBC 2022 conference in Franklin, TN, August 8-10, 2022, and I would like to see many of my friends from across the eastern United States there.

This conference features three days of teaching on JOHN: His Life, Legacy, and Last Words. Having taught all of the writings of John on the college level, and having traveled extensively in the area where John traveled in Israel, Turkey, and the Greek Island of Patmos, I am always interested in learning more.

The brochure for the 2022 Conference tells us:

John is unquestionably one of the central characters of the New Testament. Brad Gray who has been back of these conferences, and whom I have met during our travels in Israel, describes the importance of the conference this way:

John was a disciple.
John was the caretaker of Mary after Jesus’s death.
John describes himself as an elder to those who received his letters..
John was a writer who penned a gospel and three epistles. And then there’s Revelation.

Something about this man led Jesus to entrust him with the final words in Scripture. He’s seen a vision of the end and has words for us in the present.

In a sense, he’s the Church’s first elder statesman. He was there in Galilee with Jesus in the beginning, and he’s there in Asia at the end of the first century leading and guiding the church as its expanding to the ends of the earth.

90% of John’s gospel includes material that doesn’t show up in the other gospels. And there’s a reason for that. He’s writing last. He’s got a specific audience in Asia, and he’s had six decades for the Jesus story to simmer in his memory and heart. Many of us don’t realize how multi-dimensional his life was and how critical it was to the expansion of the Jesus movement. As a result, we misunderstand and misinterpret things he wrote, and also miss out on so much of what he was saying.

So how does one gain this critical learning? By attending this conference!

This 3-day event will help you encounter John in ways you’ve never experienced before.

Join Us AUGUST 8-10 in Franklin, TN. If you live in the western part of our country the same program will be AUGUST 15-18 in Parker, CO.

For complete information and early registration visit Infusion Bible Conference.