A great old resource now available

If you use Logos Bible Software you probably already know about Community Pricing. Logos takes on some older works and produces them in the Logos format only when there is sufficient interest to pay for production. Some may take a year or more; others may never make it to production.

A Dictionary of the Bible (5 vols)

This product is a download.

One great old resource that I have in print format is A Dictionary of the Bible (5 vols.). This work by 5 authors (primarily James Hastings) is +/- 100 years old, and for many entries you must use more current resources. But I have found it to be highly valuable over the years.

Logos describes this resource as follows:

The Dictionary of the Bible (5 vols.) is a landmark reference work edited by biblical scholar James Hastings. It is a thorough index of all key terms in Scriptures. With over a hundred scholars contributing, this five-volume set contains over 4,500 pages with over 1,500 definitions. The articles focus on people, places, archaeology, geology, theology, and obscure biblical terms. It was the goal of Hastings to compile a reference work that would enable the Church to teach in wisdom and knowledge. These in-depth definitions are easy to read, yet academic in nature.

Not to be confused with Hastings’ one-volume Dictionary of the same name, this separate resource is a fantastic reference addition to your library. An important documentation of historical biblical scholarship as well as solid interpretation and definitions of key terms and ideas, The Dictionary of the Bible (5 Vols.) is even easier to use with the Logos edition. Hastings’ massive resource is now instantly searchable by topic or Scripture, making study and research a breeze.

This resource is available until 12:00 pm (PST) on Friday, 3/6/2015 for a bid of $15.00. After that you will pay at least $99.95 for it.

Go to Logos.com and look under the Community Pricing resources, or just search for Hastings (or add A Dictionary of the Bible). Do not confuse it with the one volume work which already sells for $24.95.

6 responses to “A great old resource now available

  1. Nancy, I think Logos will send you an Email when the book is available. The books will automatically download to the Logos program on your computer. I don’t know how you could access it now.

  2. Nancy (Mary Thompson’s sister) I too downloaded the logos 6 and paid for the Hastings Dictionaries (5 vol set). Thank you Ferrell! My question is, Will we need to wait until they “publish” the books to be able to access the set online? When I talked to Logos the customer service rep kept telling me I could access the set now and I don’t see it or see how.

  3. Mary Thompson

    SUCCESS! This grandmother finally installed the software and app and paid for the set!!!! 😊

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Mary Thompson

    I’m downloading app for my iPad now. Thank for letting us know about great buys like this!

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Mary, you must have the Logos Bible Software program installed on your computer. If so, you will have an account with Logos. I suspect by your question that you do not have this. This set is not usable without that.

  6. Mary Thompson

    Ferrell, I bid but how do I pay for the $15 or I assume I will pay when bidding stops. Mary T

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