Limited Internet Access and Time

While on the Aegean cruise portion of our tour, the Internet access has been sparse. I am writing from an Internet shop in Santorini. We have visited Patmos (where the Apostle John was exiled), Rhodes (where Paul’s ship stopped at least once), and Crete (where Paul stopped on the voyage to Rome).

Santorini is a fascinating place. The little white-washed buildings rest on the rim of a volcano that blew away more than half of it’s top more than 3000 years ago. I had hoped to visit Akrotiri, but we have arrived too late in the afternoon for that.

Tonight we sail for Athens. Perhaps by tomorrow evening I will be able to share some photos with you.

Thanks for checking by.

3 responses to “Limited Internet Access and Time

  1. Enjoying our trip together

  2. thejamesmiller

    sorry to hear that you missed akrotiri. what a bummer to be so close! it was still closed when we were there last year. i hope the group had enough time to take a bus to oia for the sunset!

  3. Thanks for sharing the information and the describing the beauty of Santorini .

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