A special offer for Baker N.T. Commentary

Baker N.T. Commentary

Baker N.T. Commentary

Rejoice Christian Software makes some of the best offers on software of any seller that I know about. From now until September 22 they are offering the 12 volume Baker New Testament Commentary software program for the incredibly low price of $49.95. I think you will pay $2.95 for shipping in the USA. This means that for $53 you will have the software program covering all 27 books of the New Testament. These book are written by Presbyterian scholars William Hendriksen and Simon Kistemaker.

Read more about the commentary set here. Note that the price there is $79.95 (already a bargain), but you must go to this link to get the $49.95 price.

The Libronix software program needed to access the books is included.

Even if you have a few of the print volumes you can give them to someone who refuses to use a computer and still have a great deal for yourself.

I do not own stock in this company, and I already have the set on my computer. The deal is so good I am tempted to order again. 🙂

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2 responses to “A special offer for Baker N.T. Commentary

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  2. AllSeasonsCyclist

    I own this set of commentaries in the dead-tree edition (hardback books). I don’t think you will find a better set for the price than this one!

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