Vera Mann Jenkins – 1913-2009

Vera Mann Jenkins -- 1913-2009

Vera Mann Jenkins -- 1913-2009

My mother passed from this life to be with the Lord this evening in Huntsville (AL) Hospital. The photo I am sharing with you was made in 1993 when she was 80 years of age. She was a wonderful woman, a good mother, and a faithful Christian. I am thankful for the influence she had on my life.

At a later time I will share some remembrances of her.

3 responses to “Vera Mann Jenkins – 1913-2009

  1. thejamesmiller

    So sorry to hear this, Mr. Jenkins. But we know where she is and that is something more to look forward to.

    It took me until the last few years to really realize the value of a Christian mother, so I’m glad she had that influence on you.

    You’ll be in my prayers that you be comforted.

    james miller

  2. Thank you, JP. I have received several Emails from personal friends and Internet friends. Each one is appreciated.

  3. Condolences to the death of your mother, I wish you and your family much strength in this difficult period.

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