Get 1,000 Bible Images now

Logos has announced the publication of 1,000 Bible Images for the pre-pub price of $19.95. Estimated ship date is June 2. This means you should buy today! Check full info here. I think these are all black and white drawing, but they will look good in PowerPoint or for use in class handouts. Here is a brief description of the program.

Don’t just read the Bible, see the Bible!

Now you can literally see the people, places, and events of the Bible text—right in front of your eyes! Bring your study of the Bible to life with this collection of 1,000 images, drawings, and illustrations—all produced by professional artists under the supervision of biblical scholars, in association with the German Bible Society. This vivid artwork shows the biblical sites, religious objects, plants and animals, archaeological findings, scenes from daily life in the Bible, and much more! As reliable documentation of biblical life, these images often give a better illustration and explanation than the text itself can give.

Each image includes information which explains the historical and archaeological background, giving you context and study material to understand scenes from the Bible, making this collection a must-have for teachers and pastors, as well as anyone interested in the history, archaeology, and culture in the Bible.

What’s more, with Logos, you can quickly access the Bible text relevant to each image! We make it easy to search for images by keyword, by Bible reference, or by each image description. These images will aid your personal study and sermon preparation, and will serve as a valuable teaching tool when you use them on your handouts or projected presentations. As you study the Bible, you can instantly see what you’re reading about!

This program is in the Libronix Digital Library System and may be downloaded (by those who have the LDLS installed, or by DVD. Here is a reduced illustration from the publication.

Drawing of Ancient Babylon from 1,000 Bible Images.

Drawing of Ancient Babylon from 1,000 Bible Images.

HT: Bible Places Blog.

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