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January 3rd in (my) History

I am sure that many significant things have happened on January 3rd, but the one most important to me was my birth on this day. One day I was looking for some photos of the old cotton mills from Huntsville, Alabama, and ran across a site that also had a vintage post card of the City Hospital. This is the way I remember the hospital when I was a kid.

Huntsville, AL, city hospital on an old postcard.

My parents lived in the New Hope area when I was born. About three years later we moved to Harvest, a rural community with a population of about 200. I attended a four-room school for the first 8 years of schooling. There were 2 grades in each room with one teacher. When I was about 10 years of age I was back in the hospital overnight to have a tonsillectomy.

Little could I have imagined in those formative years that I would be able to travel around the world (1995), and to many diverse and exotic places. I don’t even remember when I first learned about China or Egypt or Russia. There was no State of Israel back then, only a Zionist dream. My first remembrance of hearing about Japan was on December 7, 1941, the day of the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor.

I wish my Mother, now 94, could still remember this day in our history.

2008 Five Day Bible Reading Program

Mark and Dena Roberts prepared a Bible Reading Program a few years ago that allows one to read through the Bible in a year by reading the assignment for five days each week. This is practical, as many find they are unable to maintain a daily schedule. It allows for the reading of both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

You may download a free copy of the program by clicking here. Churches may purchase the right to duplicate multiple copies.

Happy New Year – 2008

One of the most leisurely tours we have conducted was the Emerald Ireland tour in 2003. There are so many photos that would illustrate the serenity of the trip. I have chosen a scene from Glendalough in County Wicklow, the home of one of my forebears, Matthew Lyon (1746-1822). Lyon came to American as a poor emigrant but rose to be a colonel in the American war of independence and a member of Congress.

Glendalough in County Wicklow, Ireland. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

I think The Irish Blessing will be a wonderful wish that we can leave for our travelers for the years 2008. I picked up this copy at the Blarney Woolen Mills. Blarney is always a favorite stop on the Ireland itinerary. Those who need it want to kiss the Blarney Stone and others spend their time in the woolen mills. This beautiful calligraphy is copyrighted by L. J. Young. I hope you will pick up one of the large copies suitable for framing the next time you are in Blarney.

The Irish Blessing

Happy New Year, and enjoyable travels in 2008.