Daily Archives: July 3, 2007

Padfield’s photos of Tarsus

David Padfield has begun to post photos of the Ancient Crossroads tour suitable for use in PowerPoint presentations. His first photos are of Tarsus. See the photos here. David is a good photographer. He has no explanation with his photos. Perhaps you can find some helpful information in this blog.

Looking for the Turkey travel blogs?

If you have come to this site looking for the blogs (and photos) of the Ancient Crossroads Tour of Biblical and Historical Turkey you might like to start at the beginning. You can use the calendar (or the Archives) to the right and go back to May 23 for the first blog. Or, you can just read backward to that point. It works either way.

Psychological Study of Herod the Great

A historian from Tel Aviv University (Kasher) and a psychiatrist from Ben-Gurion Uniersity of the Negev (Witztum) have written King Herod: A Persecuted Persecutor: A Case Study in Psychohistory and Psychobiography. This book sells for $193, so I suspect that most of us will be satisfied to read a good review. Magen Broshi, a well-known Israeli archaeologist, has a review in Haaretz. Don’t expect this review to stay online very long. I suggest you go immediately and copy this good review.

With the recent interest in Herod due to the discovery of his tomb at the Herodium, this book is timely. If you had thought Herod was cruel, just wait till you read this.

I copy (print) article like the one mentioned above in Adobe PDF, and then save them in the appropriate folder on my computer (the new filing cabinet!).

HT: Paleojudaica.