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Witherington and Crossan on the Message of Jesus

Last week I attended The Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum in New Orleans. The forum is briefly described by Paul F. South, NOBTS Communications:

Two of the world’s best-known religious scholars will dialog at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary on a question that has sparked debate for some 2,000 years: What did Jesus really teach?

John Dominic Crossan and Ben Witherington III will be the featured speakers at the  2010 Greer-Heard  Point-Counterpoint  Forum, Feb. 26 and 27 at Leavell Chapel.

The event marks the seminary’s sixth Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum. The Forum is designed to provide a venue in which a respected evangelical scholar and a respected non-evangelical scholar discuss critical issues in religion, science, philosophy, or culture.

Audio CDs, MP3, or DVDs are available for all of the previous forums at a reasonable rate. Go here and click on STORE. The most recent forum (The Message of Jesus) is not on the list, but it is available. I think you can find a contact link somewhere on the page.

In addition to Witherington and Crossan, the other speakers were Darrell Bock, Craig Evans, Amy Jill Levine, and Stephen J. Patterson. Perhaps you recognize these names as representing both liberal and conservative perspectives on Jesus.

Crossan speaks while Witherington (R) waits his turn. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Crossan (L) speaks while Witherington (R) waits his turn. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

He does not say so, but I think Ben Witherington III has posted his paper on his Bible and Culture blog here. It is a little difficult to read. Copy the document and save it in your word processor and it will be easier to read.

All of the speakers are distinguished scholars who have spent a great deal of their academic life writing on the general theme of Jesus Studies.